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Barton Boom Strut
Barton Boom Strut


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The Barton Boomstrut is one of our most popular products with thousands sold all around the world. The Boomstrut can be fitted extremely easily and offers both cruising and racing sailors a cost effective way to eliminate the hassle of boom control. It is made with non corroding material throughout making it incredibly durable and the patented flexing spring gives a lightening fast response whilst ensuring almost constant upward force on the boom. Below are some more advantages the Boomstrut offers to both cruising and racing sailors alike:-

Advantages for the Cruising Sailor

  • Cheaper than any other comparable system.
  • Offers increased safety when reefing - no more topping lift as the Boomstrut will stop the boom from dropping on deck, resulting in a clean reefing manouver.
  • Easier to hoist the sails as the boom is level and stable.
  • Allows you to scandalize the main easier for controlled mooring up.
  • Makes cruising more enjoyable!

Advantages for the Racing Sailor

  • Cheaper and lighter than a gas strut with less windage.
  • None of Gnav system's associated mainsail airflow disturbance.
  • It can be inverted for use with mast base instruments, with no loss of performance.
  • Allows perfect control of the leech in light air, both upwind and downwind.
  • Offers a tactical advantage on the start line - the main can be scandalized to slow down.
  • The unique spring action means you can sheet the main against the boomstrut with a loose kicker, which you cannot do as smoothly with a Gnav system.
  • There is no boom shake on tight reaches when the kicker is released to avoid broaching.
  • It looks cool!

If you want even more confirmation on the great advantages of the Barton Boomstrut then here is a quote from Simon Russell - (Etchells double World Champion, XOD double Captains Cup winner, Melges 24 World and European Champion and Mumm 30 European Champion)

'I will say that the boomstrut was easily adapted to fit our boat. It made an instant transformation to the control we have over the mainsail leech! In light airs it stops the leech closing down and in a short chop eliminates any panting to the mainsail that we used to experience, so it gives a lot more confidence in those tricky light air conditions!'

For further product information on the Barton Boomstrut, please visit:


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