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Category: News 2008
The fuel whistle - fill up with ease
The fuel whistle - fill up with ease


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The Fuel WhistleTM is a unique device that can help prevent accidental fuel spillage when re-fuelling boats. Available in the USA, the Fuel Whistle will be introduced to the European market by the recently appointed sole European distributor, Barton Marine.

Created to make the re-fuelling process easier and more efficient, the Fuel Whistle lets the boat owner know when to stop re-fuelling by making a ‘whistling' sound throughout re-fuelling, as air is displaced out of the breather pipe. To inform the boat owner that the tank is approaching full, the sound changes to a ‘warble' before stopping when the tank is full.

With the Fuel Whistle the boat owner will know when to stop re-fuelling before the tank is full, which reduces the chance of full spillage and fuel wastage as well as reduce the amount of fuel inadvertently spilled into the marine ecosystem.

Any boat with a 16 mm (5/8") vent line can be fitted with a Fuel Whistle. At just 5cm (2") in length and width when installed the device is unobtrusive. It is simple to install and is fitted in line into the breather pipe. The fuel vent line is cut and the Fuel Whistle is inserted into the vent line, so that the arrows on the device are facing upwards. Two screws can be inserted into the moulded mounting ears of the device to keep the device positioned firmly in the correct direction.

The Fuel Whistle is priced at £11.05 excluding VAT (RRP).

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