Technical Information

FITTING YOUR BARTON COMPOSITE WINCH - Models 21200, 21201 & 21202

Take a few moments to determine the correct siting of the winch. To avoid riding turns, the sheet should lead up on to the drum at an angle of 5 - 10 degrees. If using a rope clutch in conjunction with the winch, be sure to site a minimum of 200mm apart. Use the support plate as a template for drilling fixing positions and subsequently as a support plate beneath the deck, coaming or coachroof.

Barton composite winch fitting

To affix, undo the spiral circlip on top of the winch and slide off the drum with top washer, this will expose the base plate through which six M6 countersunk bolts (not supplied) of the required length are inserted.

Barton composite winch fitting

Use a proprietary sealant such as Sikaflex to prevent leakage through the bolt holes, don't overtighten the nuts at first otherwise all the sealant squeezes out, best to leave for 24 hours then screw down firmly, this gives a better seal.

Barton composite winch fitting

Replace the drum, making sure to push in the pawls against their springs as it is lowered onto the centre shaft then affix the top washer and spiral circlip.

NB: Check rotation of the winch, overtightening of the fixing screws can distort the winch base and cause uneven spin.


For optimum performance, periodically remove the drum from winch base and thoroughly wash out with fresh water. Pawls can be cleaned with a mild abrasive and Scotchbrite pad. A small dab of silicone grease may be applied to the pawls and springs.


Barton Composite winches are not recommended for use with wire halyards.


There is a full parts list of all three winch models within the technical section of our web site You can also purchase a service pack for each of the winches - part #21210 for the 21200 winch, part #21211 for the 21201 winch and part #21212 for the 21202 winch, all available through your local Barton dealer.


Barton winches are covered for a period of three years against defect in materials and workmanship.


Ensure that the correct winch is selected for the size of boat and application required.

Incorrect use or size selection may affect warranty. Do not use winches for mooring or spring lines when leaving your boat.

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