Winch handles & accessories

A range of light duty winch handles and accessories, manufactured from quality modern materials.

All designed to fit international star sockets
and standard deck filler caps.

Extruded aluminium handles

Light duty, inexpensive handles in two lengths and either plain or locking. Both styles have easy-grip roller handle and 'Spectro' grey anodised finish.

Important note:

These handles should not be used on large, two-speed winches as they are not designed for high loads in an anti-clockwise direction. SWL 40kg.

Floating handles

Featuring a moulded body with an integral moulded handle shaft. The bright red handle roller is mounted on ball bearing for friction-free operation. Locking mechanism is with a positive, easy action thumb switch. Handle floats in salt and fresh water.

Important note:

Floating winch handles have a SWL of 40kg and are intended for lightweight use only.

    Length Weight
Part No. Length
Aluminium winch handles      
8" Aluminium handle 21 001 225 290
10" Aluminium handle 21 002 280 335
Floating winch handles      
10" Floating handle – locking 21 033 290 306
8" Floating handle – locking 21 034 235 267
Special handles      
Reefing gear handle 21 323 - 160
Winch handle pocket      
Fabric winch handle pocket 21 050 300 70
Winch handle holder      
Winch handle holder 21 055 52mm Ø base
Winch handles & accessories