Barton composite winches & the Barton 'Wincher'

Barton composite winches

A versatile alternative to conventional aluminium winches, the Barton range of composite winches offer significant cost and weight savings and are truly low maintenance.

Virtually self-lubricating, friction-free and corrosion resistant, the ingenious use of advanced materials ensure consistent performance and reliability.

  • Three models available – a single-speed 8:1 and two
    twin-speeds; 16:1 and 23:1
  • Suitable as primaries for yachts up to 10m (30ft) or as
    spinnaker/halyard winches on larger craft
  • Red, blue and green coloured top rings are included,
    giving you the ability to colour-code winches to control
    lines, port or starboard, or just to match the colour
    scheme of your boat
  • Comprehensive spares kits available.
    Max Line Max Line Max Line
Base Ø
Drum Ø
Sheet winches        
Single speed 8:1 21 200 101.6 66.7 835
Twin speed 16:1 21 201 114.3 66.7 1264
Twin speed 23:1 21 202 114.3 66.7 1600
Spares kits        
Single speed 8:1 21 210      
Single speed 16:1 21 211      
Single speed 23:1 21 212      
Snubbing winches        
Snubbing winch 21 100 64 37 175
Snubbing winch 21 101 75 50 230
    Max Line Max Line Max Line
Max Drum
Ø mm
Max rope
Ø mm
Barton 'Winchers'        
Wincher small (pair) 21 641 64-70 8-10 202
Wincher medium (pair) 21 642 70-80 10-14 223
Wincher large (pair) 21 643 80-90 12-14 278
Wincher ex large (pair) 21 644 90-100 12-16 387
Cleating Self-Tailing


To cleat, lock sheet into ribbed groove.


For self-tailing, the entire winch must be stacked with line.

Winches and Winchers

Snubber winches

Neat, lightweight units which are ideal for use on larger dinghies and dayboats. Manufactured from glass fibre reinforced nylon with anodised aluminium ribs.

Winches and Winchers

The Barton 'Wincher'

A specially designed rubber moulding which fits over the top of standard winches, converting them to self-tailing.

This simple operation works when the line is sheeted under load, which means the coils climb up the winch drum and then become gripped by the underside of the Wincher's rubber body.

Cleating is achieved by locking the sheet into the Wincher's ribbed central groove.

Barton 'Winchers' are easy to fit and available in four sizes to suit a wide range of popular winches.

Full fitting instructions are included.

Winches and Winchers