Special cleats

Sliding cleats

A cost-effective solution to fitting a mid-ship spring cleat where access under the side deck is limited - simply remove a genoa track end stop, slide on the cleat and lock it in the desired position.

When not in use, slide the cleat to one end of the track, or leave off one track end permanently to enable easy removal of cleat.

Alternatively, fit a short length of track in the desired position so that cleats can be fitted when required and removed when not in use – reducing deck clutter and rope snags.

  • Available for 25mm and 32mm 'T' track, each
    in two sizes
  • 25mm cleats have an extruded aluminium base
    with a moulded nylon cleat and screw lock
  • 32mm cleats have an extruded aluminium base,
    cast aluminium cleat and plunger type lock.


The Barton 'Line Tamer'

A new line storage device designed to keep cockpits free from un-used lines and halyards. A smooth profile ensures no snagging as crew members brush past. Sold in pairs in grey or white.

Full fitting instructions are included. Suitable for rope coils of
up to 20cm diameter.

Line tamer grey

Special cleats products
      Length Width Weight
Part No. Cleat
T Track
Width mm
Sliding cleats          
165mm sliding cleat 51 253 Nylon 165 25 134
200mm sliding cleat 51 254 Nylon 200 25 178
175mm sliding cleat 51 322 Ali 175 32 328
205mm sliding cleat 51 323 Ali 205 32 402
Stanchion cleat          
Stanchion cleat 52 100 Nylon 111 - 90
Shroud cleats          
Shroud cleat 52 110 Nylon 100 - 26
Shroud cleat with eye 52 111 Nylon 100 - 26
Stanchion bullseye          
Stanchion bullseye 60 142 Nylon Bullseye int. Ø 17mm
Line Tamer          
Line tamer grey (pair) 52 000 Nylon 73 - 12
Line Tamer white (pair) 52 001 Nylon 73 - 12