Outhaul Traveller Car System

Many cruising yachts are built with in-mast furling mainsails, primarily for ease of handling. When new, in-mast furling systems work fine but over time, the original outhaul systems can become less efficient and hinder smooth handling.

Our new design enables easy retro fit of new track onto the boom and includes a neat and very efficient traveller car with upright pulley block running on torlon™ ball bearings for maximum strength and efficiency under load.

We have developed three outhaul traveller car models depending on yacht size:

24400 - for yachts up to 32ft/9.75m
24401 - for yachts up to 36ft/11m
24402 - for yachts up to 42ft/12.8m

These are matched to either 24040 (2.4m) or 24050 (3m) track lengths fitted with 30001 track end caps.

Available through all good Riggers, Boatyards and Chandlers.

Outhaul Traveller Car System
Outhaul Traveller Car System