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Category: News 2013
‘Digger’ - © Stephan Boden
‘Digger’ - © Stephan Boden
Polly busy at work! - © Stephan Boden
Polly busy at work! - © Stephan Boden


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Earlier this year we brought you news of Stephan Boden and his epic voyages around the Baltic during 2012 aboard ‘Digger'. He created quite a stir in social media with 550,000 following his fun blog. Stephan has recently set sail again with his trusty dog Polly and is embarking on some roulette sailing!

The following article has been written by Stephan Boden and kindly been loosely translated into English language for us to include on our website.

This article is copyright and is not for reproduction. It is published on the Barton Marine website with kind permission from the author, Stephan Boden:

"What time is it? What day? To be honest - I have no idea. I am on my boat „Digger" since two weeks. Sailing an 18 ft boat with my dog „Polly" until August.

There are so many reasons for going sailing. Some want to win races, some want to reach places. I want to forget what day it is. How many miles so far? Who cares?

 I live from day to day, from wind to wind. Wind and weather is my only schedule. And waves for sure. Being 18 foot and 750 kg means, that even 30 cm waves sometimes makes you feel like being in a tumbler, belongs to what course you sail. That means for me there are more days staying in the harbour. But do I care? Not really. South Denmark is beautiful. Other people are coming here on a 2 week vacation.  

In the last few days I met a lot of sailors. Some of them had to go home, time was up and the job is calling. They leave the harbours on rainy and windy days. I am not. I stay. Being on a boat for months means no worry about time.  This year I left my home without any plan. People asked me: "Where are you going this year?" I could not give an answer. I decide from day to day. It makes no difference. In the morning, you leave the marina, then you're on the sea, in the evening you reach the next harbour. It makes no difference, where that harbour is. I'm on my boat, on the water, in a harbour. Wind decides, where I go. That's my plan.

Last year, after 10 weeks in south Denmark and the Kattegat, I met a guy from Schleswig. He was on his way for weeks, too. I asked him: "When do you have to go back?" He answered: "Puhh, I am not sure, some Saturday. What day is today?" I said: "Sorry - I have not the slightest idea." An hour later, I had a barbecue, he came back and said: "Somebody over there said, today is supposed to be Wednesday." If the day becomes a rumour - then my mission is accomplished. And this year, without any route to go, I reached this target earlier than ever before."

Visit Stephen's blog at:

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