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New 20mm block range from Barton Marine
New 20mm block range from Barton Marine


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One of the UK's leading manufacturers of sail control hardware, Barton Marine, has introduced the Barton Dinghy Boomstrut. Designed to support the boom on most types of sailing dinghies, the new Dinghy Boomstrut has a unique flexing action that responds to the movement of the boom and provides constant support to prevent the boom from falling onto the deck.

An ideal tool for trailer sailors, cruising day boat owners, sailing and training schools and organisations, the Dinghy Boomstrut works in the same way as the larger Boomstrut, with two fibreglass rods effortlessly providing force to support the boom at all times.

"Our larger Barton Boomstrut has proven to be a popular device that supports the boom and improves the sail shape downwind and in light airs onboard many cruising and racing yachts, up to 40 feet. With the addition of the new version, we are now also able to provide a lightweight tool that helps improve performance for dinghy boat owners," comments Paul Botterill, Director, Barton Marine.

The Barton Dinghy Boomstrut is unobtrusive and has been carefully designed to eliminate any sharp edges and sliding parts, requiring very little maintenance. It is easy to fit, with no extra parts or drilling required and is simply tied off at the mast to secure in place, negating the need for any drilling. At the top of the rods, a fully adjustable webbing cradle supports the boom and as the cradle is not directly attached to the boom, it does not restrict the boom from rolling around its central axis to follow the sail when reefing.

The Dinghy Boomstrut is competitively priced at £85.00 excluding VAT (UK RRP).

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