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Furling Drum
Furling Drum
Top Swivel
Top Swivel


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Barton Marine manufactures a really neat, simple and strong jib furler unit for both dinghies and dayboats up to a maximum sail area of 10sq m.

We often receive questions about how to install our units and we are delighted to tell you that customers can now take advantage of a brand new fitting guide, which has been written by Barton Marine’s very own technical director Paul Botterill, offering practical step-by-step installation instructions.

We are also delighted to report that the Squib class, largest keelboat class in the UK and the second largest two person boat of any type has recently taken the unit onboard to save undue wear and tear on their jibs whilst sailing around pre-start. In addition to the many benefits of using the furler, the Squib Class has recognised that the units can easily pay for themselves within two years.

To view our jib installation guide please go to:


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