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Category: News 2007
Barton Boomstrut fitted onboard the new Bénéteau first 34.7 yacht
Barton Boomstrut fitted onboard the new Bénéteau first 34.7 yacht
Barton Boomstrut fitted onboard the new Bénéteau first 34.7 yacht
Barton Boomstrut fitted onboard the new Bénéteau first 34.7 yacht


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Barton Marine has won the contract to supply its Barton Boomstrut, as a standard fitting aboard the new Bénéteau First 34.7 yacht. The Boomstrut has a patented flexing action, which effortlessly supports the boom at all times, providing fast response and a near constant force for vang efficiency so that the boom will not accidentally drop even in extreme conditions.

The new Bénéteau First 34.7 yacht, designed by Farr Yacht Design to win races, was launched at Paris Boat Show 2005. The Barton Boomstrut has been included to assist the crew in providing a fast and efficient action for boom control. Fitting neatly in position it will allow owners to achieve Bénéteau's aim of offering its customers efficient and smooth handling together with a comfortable sailing experience.

"We are delighted that Bénéteau selected our Boomstrut for installation on one of its latest crafts," says Paul Botterill, Director at Barton Marine. "The low profile design of the Boomstrut is unobtrusive and offers a lightweight tool for controlling and supporting the boom onboard this superb racing machine."

The Barton Boomstrut features two glass fibre rods that provide force to support the boom, so that when the boom is pulled down the Boomstrut flexes upward, and straightens the rods thereby lifting the boom.

Installation and rigging is simple as the Boomstrut can mount independently of an existing kicking strap. There is no need to replace current hardware and when the installation is complete, only the topping lift has to be removed as this becomes redundant. The boom fitting is contoured to fit both flat and round booms and the mast fitting can slide in most luff grooves to avoid unnecessary drilling.

Starting at £128.89 including VAT, the Barton Boomstrut is available in five sizes to suit yachts up to 12 metres to help improve boat performance with less weight and windage aloft by dispensing with the topping lift.

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